Consumption: Week 1 of No Paper Cups and Joining a Credit Union

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

For IDP’s Responsible Consumption Month we are committing to working mindfully with the momentum of our consumption habits and each choose specific areas of focus.  Here is my pledge:

• For the month of April I will be mindful of using paper cups, “to-go” containers and plastic bags.  Also I will open an account with a credit union so that my money is managed by a non-profit member-run financial institution rather than a for-profit Wall-Street-run banking corporation.
• I am doing this to engage more deeply with the concept of Right Action in my daily life.

I am interested in exploring the habitual use-and-throw-away mentality especially in relation to food and drink.  Also I am curious about manifesting responsible consumption in the arena of personal finance.

Paper Cups

Aqua Ovo therm-o terra glass travel mugTo be perfectly honest (and why blog otherwise) I got a cup of tea on April 1st and it came in a paper cup.  You see, I wasn’t really planning on having tea, I was actually meeting a friend for a walk in the park.  But when we met at the appointed spot and time it was pouring rain so… we went to have a cup of tea at a nearby cafe.  It wasn’t so much of a cafe as it was a deli with a sit-down area on the second floor so they had no to-stay cups.  And I didn’t actually even remember responsible consumption until I had the paper cup in my hand.  With the cardboard sleeve to boot.  Yes, a very very bad naughty yogi.

Just kidding.  Instead of feeling guilty I laughed and explained to my friend about the month of responsible consumption.  I also mentioned the magic ingredient (and possibly the greatest wisdom of all), kindness.

So yes, I did use one paper cup already this month, but what it made me realize is that I need to be better prepared.  I’m going to get a nice thermos (or find one in my cupboard) to carry around with me.  Or, if I don’t have a thermos in my bag, then I’ll simply forgo the beverage served in the earth-depleting disposable vessel.

Unless I don’t forgo.  Mindfully.

Credit Union

My feelings about joining a credit union are a little more tricky, or convoluted.  I love the idea of moving my money to a non-profit financial institution. But the hassle… the hassle!! Eeep.  It terrifies me.

I have a mental block, or maybe a mental hurricane, that appears whenever I contemplate my finances.  Taxes 2011, anyone?

What I can do is research:  Make phone calls.  Fill out paperwork.  Get some papers notarized.  That doesn’t sound so bad.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Meanwhile let’s all bring a touch more mindfulness to our consumption of the earth’s resources, finite as they surely are.  And let’s also practice kindness alongside that mindfulness.  Make it sweet, folks!


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