Life constantly presents us with choices

July 3, 2019 § Leave a comment

Opportunities. We get to choose: do I vibe higher or do I vibe lower? 

Right there in the NOW moment we have the power to choose. 

When we mess up, do we pile on the blame, the reprimands, the recriminations? Or do we shrug and keep it moving?

Discernment is key of course. 🔑 

If we keep making the same mistake over n over again, then clearly we are still missing the lesson. 

If we choose to look beneath the surface of our own reactions, we inevitably find that there are various options available. 

Free will is so miraculous, so potent, and so fierce. The responsibility, the ability to RESPOND, is ours. 

The gift of presence in the Now moment allows us to flow with Life consciously choosing our next new moment, reaction, response, creation. 


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