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Continue to re-enter the vortex

Reaffirm again and again the magic of your own realization and manifestation

Bask in the glow of Self embodied

Embrace all the emotions including the gnarly ones.

Surf the Emotional Wave, up and down

Up and down. 

Round and around.

In and out.

Recognize the reflections you see outside

As pieces of your Self.

Live in the knowing that the Divine

Is breathing through You.

~Fierce Divine Life, Margarita M.


We are all infected

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We are all infected. The virus is in our consciousness.  That virus is the industrialized colonizing matrix.

It is not an external matrix although of course it effects us through external means.  But it is an internal matrix, arranged for our consciousness to dwell in quite comfortably.  Have you seen the movie the matrix?

Those inside the simulation are happy.  And sad.  And mad.  And glad.  And all they really are… is human batteries.

We are all inside the simulation except it ISN’T a simulation – it’s our personal experience of reality.

Reality is where we are placing our FOCUS.

What are you paying attention to right NOW?

That’s reality.

That’s your reality.  And that’s THE reality.  You are the universe in a multiverse of experience of consciousness.

Your consciousness is yours to command.  Yours to adore.  Yours to explore.


Now that we know we have this virus.

What are we going to do about it?  Do we carry on as if everything is right and normal?


Do we break out?  Step by step.  Breath by breath.  Healing by healing.

One by one.  Each one teach one.  Each one lead one.

That’s the ONLY way to New Earth.

One Consciousness.  One Universe at a time.


Making a hard choice

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Making a hard choice is … not easy.

But making the hard choice is inevitably a part of life.

Learning to embrace the intense emotion, becoming a scientist of yearning, of heartache, of loneliness, of sorrow – is the Path of the Seeker.

We step by step walk in presence allowing for the intensity of life to melt us and transform us, forge us in the furnace of humanity, to become something stronger, wilder, more fierce, more gentle, and more brave.


Unity Consciousness and supporting one another

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The Pursuit of Happiness
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