Hurricane Soup

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Hurricane Soup

This Lentil Veggie Stew w kale, beets n potatoes… goes something like this:
(improvisation encouraged)

in a large soup pot saute some onions in olive oil for a few minutes
add in chopped carrots, red/green/yellow peppers, lentils, garlic, salt and spices like coriander, curry powder, hot paprika, pinch of cayenne (use whatever you like), let those guys hang out for bit
add in chopped potatoes, beets, and turnips
stir and add a bit more salt and spices
pour in hot water to cover, add a couple tablespoons of Vegeta (or other soup seasoning)
keep pot on low heat until lentils and veggies are cooked through adding more hot water as needed
add chopped kale and turn off heat

stir it up, let stand for 15min and enjoy!


Shit People Say at Downton Abbey: Sybil! … the chauffeur?!

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She looks for him

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She looks for him in all the secret places
In all the many faces
She looks for him.

Forsaking all embraces
And fearless – unless you got mace, ace
She’s a fairy
But not in a queer sense

She’s sensing some tension
In the atmosphere and the only reason
I mention it is that
it’s meant to be.

She looks for him in all the secret places
the hiding spaces
cracks and creases

she never misses an opportunity
to duck under
and check out

if the spark
is hiding there in the dark.

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