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Continue to re-enter the vortex

Reaffirm again and again the magic of your own realization and manifestation

Bask in the glow of Self embodied

Embrace all the emotions including the gnarly ones.

Surf the Emotional Wave, up and down

Up and down. 

Round and around.

In and out.

Recognize the reflections you see outside

As pieces of your Self.

Live in the knowing that the Divine

Is breathing through You.

~Fierce Divine Life, Margarita M.


Reality is a Paradox

January 13, 2013 § 1 Comment

Reality is a paradox
And I’m gonna spank that naughty paradox
Until she’s tender, open and coyly crying for mercy.
Then I’ll make timeless love to the paradox
Growling in his ear, writhing beneath him
Scraping my nails against his impermeable skin.
I’m gonna make that reticent paradox
Beg to let him come for me
And in our interdependent co-arising orgasm
I will impregnate the paradox
With dreams of fire and universal consciousness.
And when we are lying there spent
Sweat evaporating into the cool night air
No words need be spoken
No thoughts need be followed
I’ll know I love that kinky fucker paradox
And, by all that is holy and all that is profane,
I’ll know that the paradox loves me back.


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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.  The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” – Carl Jung

I am crawling along the shore
The sand is scraping the skin on my knees
Growls reverberate inside my scull and ribcage,
Animal sounds made by animal being.
Consciousness, a haughty illusion,
She shows me a tall drink of cool water one day
And a steaming pile of shit the next.
None of it real.  Nothing substantial.
No hope for the lost. No rest. No ground.
Falling, clutching at crinkly brown vines
I descend, lower, and lower.  Down.
It’s dark here and the mirage twinkles
Far away overhead.
No use in struggling, in praying for release
Laying aside each seductive storyline
Unwrapping the strands I lay them out on the ground.
They disappear, empty.
Each fervent wish, dream of years, eons
Each idea, each torment, slips silkily into nothing.
Trembling with shame and lust
I am writhing on the shore of this vast ocean.
The salty air fills my nostrils and
My screams mingle with the sounds
Of the waves crashing ashore.
These very old friends,
The water, the sand,
The moon, the night sky, and I.

Surrender – a video poem

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So Much To Do

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Nowhere To Run / Just You

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Perched on the edge

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She looks for him

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She looks for him in all the secret places
In all the many faces
She looks for him.

Forsaking all embraces
And fearless – unless you got mace, ace
She’s a fairy
But not in a queer sense

She’s sensing some tension
In the atmosphere and the only reason
I mention it is that
it’s meant to be.

She looks for him in all the secret places
the hiding spaces
cracks and creases

she never misses an opportunity
to duck under
and check out

if the spark
is hiding there in the dark.

Strife, Chatter and Silence

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Acorn Poem

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alternate title: Walk in the Park with My Dog

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