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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.  The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” – Carl Jung

I am crawling along the shore
The sand is scraping the skin on my knees
Growls reverberate inside my scull and ribcage,
Animal sounds made by animal being.
Consciousness, a haughty illusion,
She shows me a tall drink of cool water one day
And a steaming pile of shit the next.
None of it real.  Nothing substantial.
No hope for the lost. No rest. No ground.
Falling, clutching at crinkly brown vines
I descend, lower, and lower.  Down.
It’s dark here and the mirage twinkles
Far away overhead.
No use in struggling, in praying for release
Laying aside each seductive storyline
Unwrapping the strands I lay them out on the ground.
They disappear, empty.
Each fervent wish, dream of years, eons
Each idea, each torment, slips silkily into nothing.
Trembling with shame and lust
I am writhing on the shore of this vast ocean.
The salty air fills my nostrils and
My screams mingle with the sounds
Of the waves crashing ashore.
These very old friends,
The water, the sand,
The moon, the night sky, and I.

Occupy Heartbreak

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This essay was originally published on The Under 35 Project under the title Heartbreak and Revolution.  A version of this piece appears in the January 2013 edition of Shambhala Sun Magazine.

Margarita M.It’s a windy October Wednesday afternoon and I am heading down to Liberty Plaza to meditate at the Occupation of Wall St.  My heart is bruised, raw… I feel an ache in the center of my chest, a lump in the back of my throat that I can’t swallow away.  It hurts and it hurts and it hurts.  The one I loved and trusted has kicked me to the curb.  There were words.

“This is not working for me, and please don’t take it personally.”

Ouch.  This silly heart, she breaks so easily.  I should be used to it.  How many times have I nursed this frivolous risk-taker of a heart this year?  Four times?  Five? « Read the rest of this entry »

Hurricane Soup

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Hurricane Soup

This Lentil Veggie Stew w kale, beets n potatoes… goes something like this:
(improvisation encouraged)

in a large soup pot saute some onions in olive oil for a few minutes
add in chopped carrots, red/green/yellow peppers, lentils, garlic, salt and spices like coriander, curry powder, hot paprika, pinch of cayenne (use whatever you like), let those guys hang out for bit
add in chopped potatoes, beets, and turnips
stir and add a bit more salt and spices
pour in hot water to cover, add a couple tablespoons of Vegeta (or other soup seasoning)
keep pot on low heat until lentils and veggies are cooked through adding more hot water as needed
add chopped kale and turn off heat

stir it up, let stand for 15min and enjoy!

Surrender – a video poem

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Consumption: Week 3 of No Paper Cups and Hiking Yoga | The Interdependence Project

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It’s week three of IDP’s Responsible Consumption month and my fellow bloggers’ posts have been entertaining and inspiring.  My pledge to refrain from using paper cups and single use plastics has been going swimmingly.  My pledge to open an account at a credit union…. not so much. « Read the rest of this entry »

Consumption: Week 2 of No Paper Cups and Joining a Credit Union | The Interdependence Project

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Alright, here we go… week 2 of responsible consumption month. Paper cups used: 0


Credit Unions joined: 0


Kindness practiced: lots

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Consumption: Week 1 of No Paper Cups and Joining a Credit Union

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For IDP’s Responsible Consumption Month we are committing to working mindfully with the momentum of our consumption habits and each choose specific areas of focus.  Here is my pledge:

• For the month of April I will be mindful of using paper cups, “to-go” containers and plastic bags.  Also I will open an account with a credit union so that my money is managed by a non-profit member-run financial institution rather than a for-profit Wall-Street-run banking corporation.
• I am doing this to engage more deeply with the concept of Right Action in my daily life.

I am interested in exploring the habitual use-and-throw-away mentality especially in relation to food and drink.  Also I am curious about manifesting responsible consumption in the arena of personal finance. « Read the rest of this entry »

Organizing a Yogi: The Magic Ingredient | The Interdependence Project

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The word of the day is kindness.  It’s the magic ingredient for creating stress-free productivity.  Kindness is portable, fast-acting and incredibly efficient.  Got a case of the doldrums?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Depressed about the state of the world?  Try kindness!

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Organizing a Yogi: At the Starting Line | The Interdependence Project

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This yogi is not organized.  Not yet!  But I am beginning to develop confidence that such a feat is possible, that I can get my act together.  I can get and, perhaps more importantly, stay organized.

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Organizing a Yogi: Discipline | The Interdependence Project

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Welcome to my new column: Organizing a Yogi at TheIDProject!

I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem with discipline.  Maybe you know what I mean.  When I know I need to work on an essay my hand is glued to the remote control and I’m inexplicably watching incredible feats of hair and make-up.  Or I have an hour to prepare for a yoga class I’m teaching and…

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