28-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 21, Infatuation

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m infatuated… and I can’t think of anything else but the object of my obsession, er… I mean, affection.  Even writing this post is troublesome as all I want to do is spend time with my sweetheart, to treasure the joy, pain, decorum and restraint of our time together.  It’s new, it’s thrilling, it’s wondrous, it’s… a TV show.<--break->

But not just any TV show, it’s a beautiful brilliant British TV show called Downton Abbey.  It has me enthralled with its wit, sex appeal, intrigue, politics, loyalty and valor. When we are together I feel as though I am transported to another world.  The last time this happened to me with a show was with Game of Thrones, and before that Battlestar Gallactica.

Falling in love with TV show is a bit like those guys in Japan who have relationships with body pillows (fueling a black market for pillow cases featuring popular female characters from Manga, anime and video games).  It’s slightly embarrassing, but also (subjectively) really awesome and fun.  I know this obsession with Downton Abbey will not last forever (most likely won’t last the week) but for now I am firmly in the grip of its allure.

Unlike a person, one of those tricky creatures who often says one thing but means another, Downton Abbey won’t ask me to change the way I dress, talk or feel.  It’s reliably on time, witty, charming (as I may have mentioned earlier), and highly satisfying.

My meditation practice this morning was spent in a romantic haze where I alternated between re-watching particularly titillating scenes from Downton Abbey (of which there are many), noticing I was thinking, giggling a little, and gently guiding my attention to my breath.  Although my attention was not at all steady on said breath but wandered away within a minute or less I did not get angry or resentful.  I practiced patience and a non-judemental attitude in bringing that little puppy of attention back to the breath again and again.  When the chime rang out on my Insight Meditation Timer app I could hardly believe that thirty minutes had gone by.

May we enjoy the thrill of infatuation and practice gentleness in discipline today, and every day.


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