What Could I Possibly Be Missing?

June 24, 2019 § Leave a comment

Do you ever find yourself asking yourself what am I missing?  That nagging feeling…  of missing out, on something.  What could I possibly be missing?  

That programming of…  I’m fine I have everything under control.  I understand the world.

We need to throw that away, fam

Why?  Because it isn’t authentic.  Why?  Because we don’t really believe it even when we say it to ourselves.

It’s cozy to think that you know everything you need about the world, about creation, that you understand physical reality… but the more you grow, that ideology becomes increasingly more and more UNCOMFORTABLE.

You are a butterfly in the cacoon ready to take flight. But before you can fly, you must make the choice to leave your comfortable cacoon.  Take flight, mariposita!

You are free to soar.  

Wiggle your way free of that old chrysalis and decide to trace the rainbow with your glittering wings.

It will take effort to push through the cacoon.  That outer layer does not simply melt away.  No.  

We have to PUSH.  

So PUSH, dammit.  You have it in you.  You GOT this, boo.


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