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April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s week three of IDP’s Responsible Consumption month and my fellow bloggers’ posts have been entertaining and inspiring.  My pledge to refrain from using paper cups and single use plastics has been going swimmingly.  My pledge to open an account at a credit union…. not so much.


I received some troubling real estate news so the week has quickly shifted into putting-out-fires mode.  My longer term projects have been forced to take a back seat to the immediate problems.  Admittedly I’m proud of the way I’ve been able to retain my equanimity amidst the turbulence.  I’m practicing holding my emotions gently, applying kindness to the anxiety and overwhelm.

A new friend mentioned that she has an account with the Lower East Side People’s credit union.  My next action step as far as the credit union project goes is to find out what are the required documents for opening a new account.  The following action step is to gather those documents.  I’m confident that those two steps can be completed by the end of the month.  Huzzah!

Yoga + Hiking = Yes!

Hiking Yoga deal on GrouponThis week’s bright spot is getting an opportunity through Hiking Yoga to lead a Sunday hike through Central Park.  What could be more fun than hiking and doing yoga out in the fresh air?!  There’s a great hike deal up on Groupon right now, grab it while you have a chance.  It could not be more beautiful out there!

While leading a yoga hike on Sunday morning I thought about how in addition to being a great form of cardio exercise, hiking yoga is also an example of responsible consumption.  Imagine everything we aren’t consuming by taking our practice outdoors.  At the yoga studio there’s electricity being used for light, whatever means being used for heat in the winter and cooling in the summer (or heat in the winter and heat in the summer if you’re into Bikram or Hot Yoga), and water and energy used to clean the yoga mats, props and blankets.  While out in Central Park we are walking at a fast pace for cardio exercise (no need for the treadmill), the scenery could not be more lovely (no need for decorations or TV screens), and all we need to do yoga are our bodies and the ground beneath our feet.

I bought two (barely) used yoga mats from a nice lady via Craig’s List and cut each into eight sections.  Reuse, recycle!  These small mats are perfect to rest your hands and practice Downward Dog, Plank, and Upward Dog at the end of a ninety minute hike.  Then afterwards good to sit on for closing meditation.  My water bottle was the same one I’d gotten on the bus to Boston last week so that was another bonus reuse.  Next time I might take along my new fancy thermos!

This week I will be practicing deep breathing as I navigate the treacherous waters of New York real estate.  I will continue with my practice of kindness as well as refraining from using paper cups.

How are you enjoying April so far, my dharma friends?  Comments and feedback: always appreciated!


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We are on this journey as a community.  Read all the Responsible Consumption posts and follow along as we examine our habits.

Meditating Yogis image courtesy of Hiking Yoga and Groupon.


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