Life constantly presents us with choices

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Opportunities. We get to choose: do I vibe higher or do I vibe lower? 

Right there in the NOW moment we have the power to choose. 

When we mess up, do we pile on the blame, the reprimands, the recriminations? Or do we shrug and keep it moving?

Discernment is key of course. 🔑 

If we keep making the same mistake over n over again, then clearly we are still missing the lesson. 

If we choose to look beneath the surface of our own reactions, we inevitably find that there are various options available. 

Free will is so miraculous, so potent, and so fierce. The responsibility, the ability to RESPOND, is ours. 

The gift of presence in the Now moment allows us to flow with Life consciously choosing our next new moment, reaction, response, creation. 


Oh! It’s Fear, my old Friend

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Realizing… recognizing… remembering… oh THIS is what it’s like to feel scared.

I’m f*cking terrified of change.  The great big looming change which I feel is coming.  I’m terrified of the changes to come.

The scariest part is… it’s ME who has to change.  It’s me who IS changing.  No getting around it.

My desires are growing wings and I’m sitting on earth watching them soar and feeling… terrified.

They say Awareness is the first step.

Like most of the time we dissociate and we may be feeling scared, really f*cking scared, but instead we are drinking a beer, or smoking a joint, or scrolling through tinder, or eating pints of ice cream… the fancy term for it is dissociation.  It’s a common side effect of trauma.  And we are all traumatized by the anti-human system in which we are existing.

The whole Debt Economy is a sham.  Our cultural obsession with physical “beauty” is ridiculous.  Our careers are stalled.  Our time is negotiated and re-negotiated between chores, necessary tasks, day-to-day stuff, and scrolling through Facebook.

We are living in an apocalyptic world that has its head in the sand.

Our gods are – Technology, Adrenaline, and Dopamine.

We are aging out of the program.

And we are feeling confined.  Many many many many of us ARE confined, physically confined, trapped by the system.

So yeah… hey!  Hello, Fear!  I’ve met you before many times.  And now that I realize it’s been you all along I just want to say…  have at it, bih!

I’m down to sit and have tea with you all day, Fear, if that’s what it takes.  I’ll be your ear, your shoulder to cry on.

I will listen to you, Fear.  But don’t expect me to agree.

Because I KNOW in my bones that more and more of us are awakening from the spiderweb slumber.  We are slowly blinking ourselves awake.

Fear, you can have your spotlight for now.  But I love a chance to shine as well… and my turn is coming.

What Could I Possibly Be Missing?

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Do you ever find yourself asking yourself what am I missing?  That nagging feeling…  of missing out, on something.  What could I possibly be missing?  

That programming of…  I’m fine I have everything under control.  I understand the world.

We need to throw that away, fam

Why?  Because it isn’t authentic.  Why?  Because we don’t really believe it even when we say it to ourselves.

It’s cozy to think that you know everything you need about the world, about creation, that you understand physical reality… but the more you grow, that ideology becomes increasingly more and more UNCOMFORTABLE.

You are a butterfly in the cacoon ready to take flight. But before you can fly, you must make the choice to leave your comfortable cacoon.  Take flight, mariposita!

You are free to soar.  

Wiggle your way free of that old chrysalis and decide to trace the rainbow with your glittering wings.

It will take effort to push through the cacoon.  That outer layer does not simply melt away.  No.  

We have to PUSH.  

So PUSH, dammit.  You have it in you.  You GOT this, boo.

Gaze At Your Own Beauty

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Gaze at your beauty.  Look at yourself in the mirror and SEE yourself as DIVINE.  See the Divinity, the Fire, the Action, the Love in your physical vessel.  

Let’s VIEW our bodies as sacred, as divine, as special, as temporary, and as beloved.

Can you make your relationship with your own body your primary relationship?

Or does that feel like making friends with your minivan?  Or your iPhone?

Do you see your body as a machine?  Or do you see it as a divine mystery?

There are teachings and practices which will gently guide you to the inner resource that is the BALM you’ve been seeking for quite a while now.

All you have to do is close your eyes reach out your hands to touch your destiny.

Will I Ever Feel Complete?

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Will I ever feel complete? 

Yes you will.  That’s pretty much guaranteed.  You will either be complete in life or complete in death for death is the greatest final completion.

Of the chapter.  

Of this single quantum life stream.

Multi-dimensionality is not just for physics nerds.  This idea of us existing in many different dimensions at once is PURE AF MAGIC. 

Don’t be afraid to take a hit.

Basically Good

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If you really take a long hard look at your life do you find that it’s basically good?  That you are where you are supposed to be.  That you are the captain of your destiny and life ( just as it is) is somehow exactly perfect for you.  And yet…

Something is missing.

What could it be?

Is it a dose of stodgy Old Faith, religion, pageantry, sacrifice, devotion?

Is it hedonism, a drowning in the pleasures of the flesh?

Is there another way to access, to appease the hunger, to relieve the longing?


There is a path which leads the seeker to a meadow, where they find relief from that itch, that drive, that urge, that irksome desire… for Wholeness, for Holiness, for Unity, for Oneness.

The Path of Equanimity.  

Equanimity? Yeah.  Let’s look it up.  

Joyful Morning, Fam

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Joyful morning, fam!

Let’s rise.  Let’s do this thing we love to do called LIVING.  Let’s do it in a way that feels good, satisfying to ourselves, and inspiring to others.

We don’t have to please any external authority.  We can let that isht go today.

Let’s rise individually and let’s rise together.  Ascension is both individual AND communal.

I am here, ready willing and able, to support you in your journey upward and (more accurately) INWARD.